Hello.  Welcome to our little website about our company.

Wookanana Limited performs space engineering consultancy and also creates software for recreation and education.



We are a small company based in the south of England established in 2016.

Our core team have a background in satellite engineering.  We all loved working in the space industry, but felt that we would like to broaden our horizons and do something more creative.

We still do space craft engineering on a consultancy basis, but additionally we write computer games and also develop educational software.  The mix of work helps keep things fresh and exciting, with people moving between different projects and different roles.

For us, it’s about doing what we love.  It’s a privilege to have the freedom to pursue our dreams.



Our core team has a background in satellite system design, from pre-phase A work right through to in-orbit testing and operations.  We have worked on numerous mission from small technology demonstration satellites up to constellations of sub 1-metre Earth imaging satellites.

At Wookanana we provide consultancy on satellite design.  This can take the form of requirements definition, modelling power profiles or working on satellite re-entry analysis.  With our broad background we are able to engage in a number of different tasks to help our clients design their satellites in a more effective manner.

If you are interested in using our services please contact our technical director to discuss how we can help you: stephen.wokes@wookanana.com


Here at Wookanana we love to learn.  Learning is one of the most fulfilling things anyone can do and should be accessible to all people of any age.

With this in mind, Wookanana dedicates a proportion of their energy into developing educational software.  This is one of the most enjoyable things to develop because the motivation is so positive – we are trying to help and teach people.

Currently Wookanana is developing a piece of PC software to educate people about space.  There are many existing “educational games” already existing in this field, but our goal is to develop something that really teaches people key fundamental space concepts via a series of lessons and fun side games.  It’s designed to be used either in school or at home by anyone with the desire to learn.

A website is currently being developed for this project.  In the mean time you can check our twitter feed https://twitter.com/wookanana or our blog space for more information on this project.


We create recreational games for PC and mobile devices.

Our latest game is the “Free the Blobs”, a challenging puzzle game for mobile devices.  You can learn more about it by visiting its website:   http://freetheblobs.com/